#3: Be Available

Good PR Clients make themselves available when their agency or the media call directly with a question. If getting quoted in articles is part of your strategy to boost the image and credibility of your organization, you've got make yourself available when these opportunities present themselves. It is OKAY to…

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Great Subject Lines? Priceless!

48 email messages filled my box when I returned from my morning meetings. Guess which one I read first. Not the one from my most favorite client, my spouse or an important vendor. It was the one with the most compelling subject line.

Composing subject lines is an art form that shouldn’t be but often is relegated to an after thought. Over and over clients spend cycles composing compelling and informational email marketing messages only to throw something into the subject line at the last minute. We’re even worse when composing individual messages, not giving enough thought to the reference or motivation necessary in the subject line.

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#2 Good PR Clients are Prompt

By prompt I do not mean arrive on time (although that is often helpful). Instead I’m referring to clients who are prompt with their announcements. Nothing is less interesting to a reporter than old news. Clients who want coverage of a product they released last month are out of luck. Prospects and customers are no longer wowed by the newsworthiness of something they have already seen on someone else’s cover or heard you mention at a conference last quarter.

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Three Characteristics of a Good PR Client

Before I had the chance to read Kanzler’s How to Be a Good PR Client, the headline got me thinking. And as luck would have it, I had a client-inspired afternoon to help fuel my thoughts.

First, on to my short list. Great PR clients  — and by great, I mean that ones whose behavior ultimately contributes to  (instead of limits) their own success are…

1. Transparent
2. Prompt
3. Available

Before you get started with silly questions, by transparent I do not mean see-through. Transparent clients are those who aren’t afraid to pull back the curtains and reveal some depth about their announcement or organization.

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Something for Everyone in Solis’ Conversation Prism

I had the opportunity to speak to attendees of the Georgia Oglethorpe Awards Conference at the Loudermilk Center in downtown Atlanta today. They asked me to share a little about how the changing patterns in media consumption were providing new PR opportunities. This subject matter was quite a change from…

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Press Releases for the Masses

The reason that subscription rates for daily newspapers are dropping is not because people are opting to read them for free online. The reason that subscriptions are dropping on everything from the New York Times to the Atlanta Journal Constitution is that we, as consumers of news, are no longer waiting for the dailies to dictate for us what is newsworthy. Instead we’re out using our own aggregators and media filters to select our own news.

It used to be that AP and UPI decided what was newsworthy, based on what their reporters saw that day and the thousands of press releases that came across their wire. Subsequently they would filter news to the dailies and voila today’s news appeared on your doorstep by 7AM.

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Although I never recommend that you adhere labels to envelopes…

There are times when I do actually recommend clients buy labels. Usually as part of a promotion — where you might use them to highlight a special offer — or to personalize collateral that was pre-printed by someone else.

The second instance is one we encountered recently, where it made good economic sense for my client to make use of the high quality materials provided for a product he resells. Before passing the brochures along to his customers/prospects, we’re labeling them with his contact information so when they receive it, they’ll be sure to call him for more information. I ordered his labels from www.onlinelabels.com. They have a great selection and easy to use downloaded templates that you can use to setup your labels inside of Word.

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Ordering printing is getting easier but that doesn’t mean you should DIY

It seems that every day I run into a better, faster, cheaper option for printing everything from postcards to business cards to banners. 

Printing is a perfect example of a product or service that has been radically changed by the Internet. Individual buyers no longer have to go through professionals to make purchases of their corporate communications materials. First they were able to take the short cut by going to quick print locations like Minute Man Press or Sir Speedy. Then they just started ordering their printing on-line. And each time they show me the results they are so proud of how cheap they got it. Well sometimes you get what you pay for.

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Banishing Overused Words

I recently read an article that summarized the most overused phrases in the creation of marketing and public relations material for products and services from the technology industry. The debate was over the appropriate use of “solutions” and whether there was really any meaning to that term at all. As someone who has to write A LOT of copy about technology, I’m going to argue that there is still a place for solutions. But in the same breath, I’m going to nominate a new phrase that I’m seeing used and abused lately: “take it to the next level.”

Unless you are riding on an elevator, what exactly does take it to the next level mean? Unless the product, service or experience you are describing is provided with different levels or versions, I’m having a really hard time validating the use of this phrase. Just today I received an email campaign from an e-marketing solution provider who wanted to help me take my frequency campaigns to the next level. I’m left wondering, what level would that be, precisely?

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PR Efforts Driving Interest in Massage for the Cure

This year Massage Envy, the nation’s largest employer of massage therapists, will donate more than $250,00 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation through their annual Massage for the Cure program. Massage for the Cure will be coming to Atlanta for the first time on July 28.

On that day, appointments will be available at all 18 Atlanta area clinics for free massages. Any donations made for those massages will go to the local Komen Greater Atlanta Chapter. Reservations will be accepted beginning July 21 by calling any area clinic or 866-917-3689.

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