Direct Response & Email Marketing

Enticing your prospects: turn direct marketing into direct response

While the volume of mail in your physical inbox or mailbox is waning, direct response marketing as an industry and trade is far from dead. Many tactics that historically practiced and honed by the likes of Aaron Montgomery Ward are still in use, but at a more discrete level – and with more enthusiastic results. For the right product or service and the right target market, direct mail marketing is still completely relevant—either as a solo component or in concert with an online or push marketing initiative (email).

Concurrently, the concepts of direct mail – the original frequency marketing platform – have been integrated into the current email marketing landscape: identify your target audience, build or procure a target list, craft a compelling message that follows the pyramid model of content creation, and then drip, drip, drip until your target converts.

While email marketing does allow for a much faster response than its direct mail counterpart, don’t be misled into thinking it is the free alternative to direct mail. Email marketing still requires time and discipline to craft, hone and find success. The good news is that a focused email marketing effort can reap tremendous rewards with the right list and the right message.

The Details Are in the Data

If you’re not already using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Salesforce to manage customer and prospect data, let our account managers guide you through the careful custody and segmentation of a house list and enlighten you on ideas for capturing, growing and nurturing a prospect list.

Data in hand, you’ll be ready to start dripping messages that our professional copywriters can help you compose. And when the stars align and a disciplined approach to email marketing becomes pivotal to your overall lead generation efforts, we’ll work with you to evaluate, deploy and leverage the marketing automation platform best suited to your lead generation process.