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Why Branding Isn’t What You Think It Is… It’s More

When it comes to developing and maintaining a brand in our digital-centric, customer-focused era, savvy marketers recognize they need a lot more than a great logo and slogan to put on business cards or a storefront. As customer expectations have accelerated, and social media has made it possible for one ... READ MORE

How Well Does Pantone’s Classic Blue Suit Your Brand?

In late December, Pantone, specifiers of design color palettes and printed ink colors worldwide, announced their 2020 color of the year Classic Blue to a great many yawns. You see, color announcements made by Pantone and their Pantone Color Institute in recent years have boasted a lot more personality as ... READ MORE

Using Humor in Messaging: Will You Get a Laugh or the Boot?

American humorist Leo Rosten once said, “Humor is, I think, the subtlest and chanciest of literary forms.” In business, it can be difficult to use humor in messaging without offending your customers and prospects. That means weighing the risk against the potential reward. But when done right, humor can be ... READ MORE

The Disconnect Between Logo Design Prices and Perceived Value

This week Facebook launched a new logo and explained that their selection of custom typography is “designed for clarity,” with the goal of creating a “visual distinction between the company and app.” While clarity and even transparency are probably critically important for Facebook right now, I think their logo is ... READ MORE

Marketing agency or full-time employee: what’s an SMB to do?

For SMBs, there’s a constant struggle between managing budget and growing the business. To generate leads, you must do at least some marketing to get the word out, but many SMBs make the mistake of shortcutting marketing, not realizing that they’re also shortcutting their opportunities. There’s a common misconception that ... READ MORE