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When “Give It Away” is the Right Sales and Marketing Strategy

I had the pleasure of attending a seminar this week presented by my friend and his Alpharetta-based Sandler Training franchise. Aside from myself, there were four others on-site and eight remote attendees of this weekly complimentary session. I teased my friend afterwards about the impressive job he did of demonstrating ... READ MORE

Make Sure LinkedIn Notifies Your Friends When You’re “In the News”

If you have an account on LinkedIn, you’ve probably received an email notification that one of your connections was “In the News,” but how does LinkedIn match a person to a news item and, more importantly, how can your connections be notified when you are in a press release or ... READ MORE

Blogging Basics

Creating a great blog post shouldn’t be a difficult or time-consuming task. Instead it should be an opportunity for you to share some information about a topic with which you are already familiar with a larger audience. When you find yourself answering the same question for different clients repeatedly then ... READ MORE

When Getting Your Elevator Pitch Right Is a Lot Like a Simon & Garfunkel Tune

An NPR program this morning featured efforts by Paul Simon to update recordings and lyrics of some of his more popular tunes. During the show, listeners were treated to the original song and then the updated version. When the host asked Paul which he preferred, he deflected and asked the ... READ MORE