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What Does Michael Bloomberg Get for a Media Buy of 2400 Gross Rating Points?

Early last week major media outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times reported that the Michael Bloomberg campaign was upping their efforts to attract eyeballs by doubling their current media buys from 1200 to 2400 Gross Rating Points (GRPs). For the uninitiated, this begs the question: what ... READ MORE

The Magic of Target: How Clever Positioning Made This Retailer Irresistible

A friend posted this meme recently on Facebook, and I had to laugh. Can’t we all relate to the experience of going to Target for just one or two items and coming out with a cartload? I remember my budget-conscious brother telling me once that he had to have a ... READ MORE

No Bang from Your Webinar Bucks? You May be Forgetting the Magical Last Three Steps…

If you’ve participated in a marketing planning meeting of an IT company, there’s a 99% chance the word “webinar” comes up every time.  It’s no wonder -- what’s not to like? It’s educational, convenient for the viewer, less expensive than a live event, interactive, promotable on social and let’s face ... READ MORE

Why Branding Isn’t What You Think It Is… It’s More

When it comes to developing and maintaining a brand in our digital-centric, customer-focused era, savvy marketers recognize they need a lot more than a great logo and slogan to put on business cards or a storefront. As customer expectations have accelerated, and social media has made it possible for one ... READ MORE