Seasoned marketing expertise: on demand or on retainer.

Michael Mackenzie Communications provides marketing and public relations services to companies that don’t want or need to employ a full-time marketing director. We also support big firms who find themselves overloaded with corporate objectives but lack the senior staff to build the strategies and implement the tactics necessary to reach revenue goals.

Unlike other consultants and coaching organizations that make suggestions on how to run your marketing then leave the legwork to you, Michael Mackenzie Communications develops and then manages your strategic marketing communications campaigns. In short, we plan all the way from initial project visioning through successful execution and to measurement of results.

Every member of our seasoned staff boasts 15+ years of professional experience deploying programs for startups through multi million-dollar businesses.

Our Team

Jennifer Koon, Strategy & Content Development
Jennifer Farwell, Content Manager
Jennifer Kardian, Account Manager
Jeni Stephens, Account Manager
Malinda Lackey, Media Relations Manager
Beth Lane, Accounting Manager
Debra Madak, Graphic Designer
Cecilia Roach, Content Manager
Kerry Wolfe, Web Designer