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#3: Be Available

Good PR Clients make themselves available when their agency or the media call directly with a question. If getting quoted in articles is part of your strategy to boost the image and credibility of your organization, you’ve got make yourself available when these opportunities present themselves. It is OKAY to ask to call them back in 10 minutes — and frankly I hope that you would.

Ten minutes gives you time to compose yourself, clear your desk and your mind and get your answers in order. Any time you speak to a reporter, you should have 3 message points in mind. Your goal is to get those three points across. Taking calls off the cuff may limit your ability to focus on those points.

Telling the reporter or your agency that you’re too busy now and would like to call back next week or next month is not acceptable (okay, once in a blue moon you may encounter a report who isn’t on a tight deadline but let’s play the odds). Delaying your response means losing the opportunity for attribution. The reporter will move on and find someone else to take that exclusive seat away from you.

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