Public Relations

Turnkey public relations based upon your budget.

National media results don’t require the services of a NYC-based agency or their fat retainer.

Public relations can be a highly effective tool for getting the word out about the success and services of even the smallest business. With careful, proactive planning and a regular news stream, we’ve secured placements for our B2B and B2C clients in print, online and broadcast (TV and radio) communications outlets throughout the southeast and around the globe.

If getting the word out is part of your overall sales and marketing strategy, we can help. We’ll start by building a news stream about your business together with a targeted media list, then work with your team to produce and distribute a regular stream of news releases that build awareness and persuasion. You’ll see results through placements, profiles and bylined article opportunities that raise the profile of your brand and bring traffic back to your website and your doorstep.

Engage with Your Community

Already, your organization, departments or individual employees may be actively engaged with local government, faith-based or nonprofit groups. The idea isn’t to find new, better or more opportunities. The key is to maximize the value you are getting from the organizations that you already support in a way that is authentic and natural to your business model. Participate, donate, support and encourage the same from your staff, customers and vendors. Then, capture and share the details of those efforts with pictures, videos, blogs and press releases. Not sure how to get started? Ask us how.

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