Event Marketing

Event marketing and management: high impact influence without the high cost.

Whether your business relies on live or virtual events to educate customers and develop prospects, careful planning is crucial for proper execution and measurable ROI.

Lunch and Learns rely on appealing venues with interesting menus and easy to access parking. Seminars demand comfortable classroom-style spaces with reliable AV and Wi-Fi. Even in-office events, such as Open Houses and Ribbon Cuttings, require careful planning to ensure invitations are extended to a selection of qualified guests and appropriate refreshments and entertainment are provided.

Once you get the right people to the right place for your activity and its message, event marketing is still very much about the content delivered and the call to action carefully crafted and shared with your selected attendees.

To ensure maximum value from event marketing, we have developed an Event Marketing Playbook that walks event marketers through each step required to ensure success is measured not by positive comments, e.g. “the food was great, and guests loved the venue” but rather by a qualifiable number of attendees committing and/or moving to the next phase of the sales pipeline.

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