Our Approach

No Cookie-Cutter Marketing Plans Here

Rather than hand you a standard proposal with a fixed monthly retainer, our approach to client engagement is somewhat different. We start off each new customer with a messaging strategy session where we help you crystallize your marketing messages and set the stage for successful marketing efforts that are well aligned with your business development and organizational objectives.

During the kick off messaging strategy session we explore and evaluate four areas of your business:

  1. The words you use to describe your business offerings (message)
  2. Who you sell to (target audience profile)
  3. How you sell to that market (sales process)
  4. The infrastructure currently in place vs. what is needed to support the sales process defined (tools and instruments)

Typical messaging strategy sessions are 2-4 hours, depending upon the number of participants. The most productive messaging strategy sessions are held during the morning hours when participants are fresh and less likely to be interrupted.

The outcome of this half-day meeting is a summary and recommendations document from which we can set your plan and assign priorities.

Next, we will take a “divide and conquer” approach to the proposed activities, realizing that sometimes you can be best served by handling certain things internally, outsourcing others to our team and pushing lower priorities or more complex tasks to a later date. This collaborative approach to vision setting and prioritization allows you to help control budget by determining precisely which tactics you want to tackle and when.

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