Website Maintenance

Website maintenance includes two components: the parts you see and the parts that you don’t.

Behind the scenes, the technologies used to build your site must be regularly maintained. Why? Search engine algorithms change, content discovery practices evolve, and platform updates make last year’s “hot styles” functionally obsolete.

Much like any other technology used to run your business, core systems—the applications, plugins and themes  that are the building blocks of your site—need routine version updates to ensure compatibility with new functions and security requirements. Just because you’re paying a “maintenance” fee to your old web developer doesn’t mean application maintenance is being done (be certain to ask).

In the foreground of your site is the web content. In every business, there are changes occurring monthly, weekly and even daily that should be reflected on your website. Yet, all too often, websites are stood up on Day One and then ignored. Aging sites fail to reflect the current objectives and messages of your business—or support the efforts of your sales professionals. Even more detrimentally from a marketing standpoint, they “age” in the eyes of search engines, where “new” means “current” and fresh sites will rank above those with content that hasn’t been touched in months or longer.

A plan for monthly web updates and content marketing should be included in part of every marketing plan.

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