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Social media is a moving target with a long memory. A clear plan and seasoned guide are vital.

Early in the era of social media, we would encounter folks requesting a “social media marketing plan” (as if it were discrete from other marketing efforts) and asking to be broadcast in every channel. Then, along came Brian Solis in 2008, explaining the near-infinite options and combinations of social media channels that were then available (see the updated version from 2015). People began to understand: social needs to be customized to your business and your customers. You cannot afford and do not need to be everywhere.

Developing and publishing appropriate and timely content through social media outlets — identified and matched to your target audience — helps to maintain your presence across channels where research is done and decisions are made.

Social works well in concert with your other frequency marketing plans to extend messages generated from or for other platforms to your audience of followers and their social community.

Social media is a participatory effort. It’s not sufficient to drop in once and leave, and one-way communication is ineffective.

Whether you want a bigger presence and voice on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter, to be truly successful with social your business needs to be intentional and authentic in voice and have a plan to regularly communicate appropriate messages to carefully selected groups. And, of course, you’ll want to capture metrics on the backend to help evaluate engagement as a measurement of success.

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