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Individuals consume media in different formats, so successful businesses create and publish their message across a multitude of media platforms. Increasingly that means video. Video adoption is exploding, and many content consumers now express a preference for video over text. However, that doesn’t mean they will watch anything. Savvy business owners understand that well-crafted videos will command attention. They also recognize that a great deal of what they create for print might also be consumable as a video.

Enter the idea of the video-blog or Vlog. Already crafting a blog? Consider using your webcam to create a video version, too. Hosting a monthly webinar via screenshare? Record your event and make it available afterwards, on demand, for registrants or others. Documented a customer success story in print? Invite them to share that testimonial as a video. Planning for the legacy of a retiring executive or founder? Capture their personal story and turn it into a “highlights reel.”

Have a product or service whose value or utility is hard to explain in print? Consider an explainer video, which uses a combination of animation and stills to help communicate produce or service benefits with simple, easy-to-understand examples.

Whether you employ professionals to produce your video — in the field or a controlled studio environment — or elect to take the DIY pathway and use a GoPro or your iPhone, you need a plan for how and what you will create and, ultimately, where you will publish the finished product.

As the second-largest search engine in terms of search volume, YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. Users upload 100 hours of video every minute. However, not every video should solely hosted on YouTube—or hosted there, at all, depending on your requirements for widespread availability, limited distribution, and ability to control and measure the volume and duration of specific viewers.

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