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Copywriting not Your Cup of Tea?

Many successful executives and business owners profess an inability to write. They claim to know what they want to say but just can’t find the time to get it down, or they suffer from perpetual writer’s block. Our copywriting services can bridge the gap and help you present professional content and powerful messaging that effectively reaches your audience and achieves your organization’s goals.

Content Is King

Over the years, we have worked with dozens of business owners, executives and product managers whose marketing projects had stalled. These business professionals understood the need for quality content, but they didn’t have the time or talent to create it. Consequently, they couldn’t achieve one of marketing’s primary goals—effective communication. .

At Michael Mackenzie Communications, we create quality content for press releases, case studies, websites, articles, brochures, white papers and more. Our copywriters have decades of experience creating compelling content that performs for humans as well as search engines (SEO).

Still, message development and copywriting are undervalued services… until they prevent you from reaching your goals. Our well-defined interview procedures and disciplined copywriting and editing practices will enable you to resolve your content limitations. We can help compose content, on just about any topic, that will professionally represent your business and accurately reflect your voice (because it would be silly—and confusing to your audience—if marketing messages from you sounded like somebody else).

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