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Turn audiences into listeners, and then into influencers, by persuading them to believe.

The key to social media content is authenticity. While syndicated blog content may appear on the surface to be the most cost-effective solution for filling your social media channels, you’ll soon find that lack of authenticity is a real problem. Your audience wants to hear your voice; your ideas. and when the content doesn’t match the personality of your staff or organization, your audience knows it.

You recognize that your executives set the tone of your business, and that your technical and service delivery people have to lot to share about the productivity of your products and services. Yet, neither have the bandwidth to create blog content with the frequency needed to support a consistent, ongoing campaign.

Fortunately, the same disciplined approach we use for collateral development can capture ideas and compose blogs in your voice with a frequency that meets the needs of your plan.

A seasonally or annually approved calendar lays the groundwork for your content marketing effort and is complemented by quarterly, monthly or as-needed interviews to capture evolving or current details. All content is drafted by our professional, U.S.-educated and employed staff, and published (crosslink to social under digital) only when approved by your team. Monthly and engagement metrics help us tweak the calendar and identify opportunities for incremental content on popular topics as warranted.

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