Premiums & Promotional Items

Designed to enhance your image, not “give away the farm.”

Whether you know them as premiums, promotional items, tchotchkes, or affectionately “trinkets and trash,” giveaways remain a mainstay in sales and marketing efforts from the retail showroom to the exhibit show floor. And, while Google will present you with a choice of 904,000,000 pens, even the most impressively designed, logo embellished pen may not be the best option for accomplishing your goals.

Premiums should be chosen with an objective in mind.

Do you want something inexpensive enough that you can afford to give one to everybody? Do they need to carry your brand as well as your phone number or URL? What is their anticipated shelf life? Is it okay or desirable for them to become a pass-along gift? Do they need to be functional in a way that relates to your product or just in a way that relates to your customer? Do you need a token memento of an event or effort?

Through our alignment with key industry partners, we’re able to bring you creative and cost-effective ideas for premiums that fit most any budget, delivery timeframe or inspired concept.

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