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Strategic Planning

6 Steps for Evaluating Pesky, One-Off Marketing Opportunities

Despite publication of an annual marketing plan and budget, nearly every business owner, sales leader or marketing professional is routinely faced with those one-off, last-minute, …

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Measure Your Marketing Muscle

As we approach the end of Q1, it’s an opportune time to review your 2021 marketing efforts thus far. You can’t take a “set it …

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Want Your Brand to Connect with Clients? Ramp Up Your Storytelling

Within a week, two friends tell you how great Facebook Marketplace is for finding bargains. The first friend shares, “Facebook Marketplace is such an easy …

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Zoom Backgrounds: A Lost Opportunity to Brand Your Business?

As I’m now averaging some 20+ video conference calls per week, I get the opportunity to see a lot of “backgrounds” — both real and …

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Website Keywords and Search Engine Optimization: Seeking the Unexpected

When I first started my career in marketing, the Internet existed, but it wasn’t the ubiquitous powerhouse it is now. Even then, I knew it …

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Awards and Recognition

Get Recognition – You Know Your Company Deserves It!

Awards and Recognitions are one PR and media opportunity often overlooked by marketing managers and small business owners. Awards opportunities are an excellent way to …

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