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5 Ws and H Copywriting

Can You Write Better Headlines by Asking a Question?

Although a great many copywriters and editors may point to the adage credited to British technology journalist Ian Betteridge, which argues that any headline that …

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Public Relations

Don’t Panic, Be Prepared with Crisis Communication Planning

If we have learned anything in the past two years, it’s that things can and do go wrong that can dramatically affect business. It’s not …

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Avalanche Innuendo Advertising

Writing for Brevity Can Be Difficult Enough Without Broadcast TV-imposed Restrictions

Writing for a 15-second TV spot is difficult enough but when you have to layer in all kinds of G-rated audience limitations to allow for …

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Bagels Advertising

Why is a Bagel Place Advertising During the World Series?

Florida-born and south-Florida bred, there is nothing I love more than a bagel from an authentic NY-deli, so I took notice when my local provider …

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