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Why Your Auto Attendant Greeting Matters

We have recently installed a new telecom system here at MMC. At one point in the installation process, I was asked what we would like our auto attendant to say on the greeting. Sure, no problem. “Press 1 for Jennifer, press 2 for the next, etc.” Simple, right?  Not so…

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Make Certain Your People Match Your Brand

Businesses spend a lot of money on branding campaigns to get the best look, feel and treatment for their logo, collateral and overall image. These same businesses keep that "brand" in mind when they make decisions about personnel requirements, job duties, recruiting and hiring of new staff -- all with…

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A Brief Primer on Branding

I encountered two more "branding" opportunities this week. While having great name recognition, understanding the value behind your firm and promoting a consistent image, look or treatment are regular parts of our consulting services, in neither of these instances was this the "brand" the prospective customer was looking for. What…

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The Value in a Name

Both Research in Motion and YouSendIt changed their name this week. I've been a (free) user of YouSendIt for sometime so I received the notice from their CEO about the change. The "notice" took the form of a chatty and upbeat email explaining how the new name was taking them…

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Best Marketing Lesson in the BCS Championship Series

Making work out of play is rewarding regardless of profession but I can understand why sometimes people think marketing folks have all of the fun. I’m constantly getting asked for my opinions on logos or to help with logo ideas for a new product or branding/re-branding campaign. The struggle is…

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Reinforcing Your Value with Postcards

Last month I had professional headshots taken at diSogno Photography for use on my website, in membership directories and for bylined articles. This week I received a postcard from the photographer. He used my images as the art on the face and included a thank you on the back. Thi was…

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Using Stock Photography: A Cautionary Tale

The growing popularity and widespread availability of stock photography sites like and has put the likes of Getty Images and Tony Stone on their ears right along with a great many high quality independent professionals. You can't blame it all on the stock photo sites. The issue has…

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