Program & Campaign Management

Marketing is a journey—our trip routing and milestones will keep you on course.

Marketing program development and campaign management is an exercise in budgeting and project management as well as accountability.

We understand that if you had the skillset and in-house resources to effectively conduct your own marketing efforts, you wouldn’t have engaged us to begin with. That’s why we’re here, at every turn, to help “drive the bus” and keep your marketing activities moving forward.

After our initial Messaging Strategy Session with new clients, we conduct a granular evaluation of each proposed activity, realizing that you may be best served by handling certain things internally, outsourcing others to our team and pushing lower priorities or more complex tasks to a later date.

Going forward, we maintain a marketing campaign calendar and engage in monthly status meetings to review web and social metrics as well event and email campaign performance reports.

Our account management team works alongside your leadership, sales and/or marketing staff to evaluate progress against goals, make adjustments in campaign activities to reflect evolving business requirements and hold responsible parties (inside and outside of the organization) accountable to marketing, program and communications objectives.

This collaborative approach to vision setting and prioritization allows you to help control budget by determining precisely which tactics you want to tackle and when.

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