Speaking Opportunities

People want to hear your wisdom… we ensure they have the chance.

Speaking (whether paid* or unpaid) to groups large and small is a highly effective way to boost your image and generate awareness and demand for your products and services.

Most executives should have three topics about which they can deliver a speech at any time. Generating “abstracts” about these topics is one way we work with clients to identify and help them prepare for speaking opportunities. Creating speaker profiles, bios and web pages provides even more support, packaging clients to pursue speaking opportunities.

If public speaking is one of your marketing objectives, we can work with you to help identify appropriate topics, compile a list of target organizations or events, and pitch your ideas for inclusion in upcoming monthly luncheons, quarterly events or annual conferences and user group meetings.

*At this time, Michael Mackenzie Communications is not in the business of securing paid speaking opportunities for clients and would refer inquirers to the National Speakers’ Association.

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