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Formatting Your Facebook Ad

Facebook is a veritable fire hose of advertisements. Your posts, articles and brilliant insights do not stand a chance at catching anyone’s attention unless you employ a few tested strategies to make your content pop. Most people view Facebook on their mobile devices. No one wants to read a 500-word…

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Humor Appeals

A recent commercial was a huge hit in my household. It shows a husband and a wife looking over the paperwork to purchase a vehicle, and the salesperson tells them that they are going to love their deal. The husband responds by stating that he has a great poker face,…

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Another Example of When Advertising Really Isn’t the Same as PR

With the increasing fragmentation of media and the ever shrinking budget for journalists comes a great opportunity for media coverage for those businesses who take the time to explore it. Online and offline publications looking to fill their growing pages are more interested in bylined articles.  Bylined article submission should…

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Miscalculating the ROI of Social Media

In Ed Schipul’s Personal Brand Era presentation to the PRSA Georgia crowd yesterday, he cited stats about the of success of small business owner Gary V’s venture into social media marketing as highlighted in popular Social Media ROI: Socialnomics video. The issue I discussed with Schipul afterwards is how the example…

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Deal or No Deal: How Would You Spend the Banker’s Money?

Admittedly prime time television must have soured in mid-December when I found myself repeatedly watching the Small Business Owner edition of Deal or No Deal on Wednesday evenings. Unlike the original version of the show, this one features no lovely, leggy ladies with briefcases. Instead the contestants as well as…

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