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Are Super Bowl Ads Worth the Investment?

Quick: How many 2024 Super Bowl ads do you remember?

We’re about two weeks past Super Bowl LVIII (58 for non-roman numeral users). Can you correctly match three ads with their proper company? I can tell you that Dunkin had a splashy ad with Beyoncé and a star-studded supporting cast. There was another ad with Christopher Walken and a car but, in this instance, I can’t tell you which company paid for the spot. At around $7 million for each 30 seconds, every marketing department should now be asking the question, “Did we get a positive return on our investment?”

What makes a Super Bowl Ad successful?

The reality is that while Super Bowl commercials generate hype leading up to, during and after the big game, research suggests many viewers struggle to recall the brands being advertised just days later.

A 2022 survey by Slate found that only around 50% of respondents could correctly identify the brand or product behind the most talked about Super Bowl ads. Even for the crowd-favorite commercials, only 64% remembered the right advertiser.

Based on the 2024 viewership estimate of 123 million viewers, that is potentially 60 million people that remember the brand. But, more than likely, they are remembering the content of the ad and not the who behind it. In marketing, that is not the win.

Is There a Better Use of Funds?

If the goal is simply to showcase a creative, heartwarming, funny or thought-provoking ad, the Super Bowl platform is a great way to generate a buzz about a topic. Just know, more people researching the product or service through a website, onscreen QR code or in-store will be a bonus.

Even if $7 million is in your advertising budget, there are better ways to leverage your dollars for lasting, measurable impact. Social media platforms offer paid and unpaid opportunities to reach your audience. Implementing strong search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to capitalize on the power of both Google and YouTube, the first and second biggest search engines. The key is to reach your target audience consistently and with content that pertains to them. If you go viral, that’s a touchdown.

This blog is courtesy of MMC Account Manager Melissa Holder

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