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The Hidden Value of Career Fairs for Employers

In the professional world, networking can be more significant than knowledge at times. Attending a Career Fair is a rite of passage for any college student looking to expand their network. This past semester, I planned to attend The University of Georgia’s Career Fair, where over 400 companies gather to…

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What’s on the Horizon for SEO?

An inherent quality of the Internet is that it is always changing. I spend a good 25% of my day, every day, reading and researching, trying to stay abreast of what's coming next and whether or not it is important for our Clients. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is always at…

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Formatting Your Facebook Ad

Facebook is a veritable fire hose of advertisements. Your posts, articles and brilliant insights do not stand a chance at catching anyone’s attention unless you employ a few tested strategies to make your content pop. Most people view Facebook on their mobile devices. No one wants to read a 500-word…

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Humor Appeals

A recent commercial was a huge hit in my household. It shows a husband and a wife looking over the paperwork to purchase a vehicle, and the salesperson tells them that they are going to love their deal. The husband responds by stating that he has a great poker face,…

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The Value in a Name

Both Research in Motion and YouSendIt changed their name this week. I've been a (free) user of YouSendIt for sometime so I received the notice from their CEO about the change. The "notice" took the form of a chatty and upbeat email explaining how the new name was taking them…

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Listening Should Be Your First Social Media Strategy

Yesterday while participating in a panel discussion at the SBDC FastTrack session at GSU, one of the attendees asked whether her firm needed a social media strategy. I shared with her the same explanation we’ve been using for several months: you don’t need a social media strategy; you need a…

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