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Best Marketing Lesson in the BCS Championship Series

Making work out of play is rewarding regardless of profession but I can understand why sometimes people think marketing folks have all of the fun.

I’m constantly getting asked for my opinions on logos or to help with logo ideas for a new product or branding/re-branding campaign. The struggle is always the same: finding something that is really cool and creative without spending a lot of money. Most business (or business unit) owners can’t fully appreciate the complexity of what they are asking.

Logos come in two flavors: type treatments – which are essentially stylized text – and symbols or icons which ultimately become known to represent their brand. Classic and well respected type treatments are IBM, Coca-Cola and FedEx. Recognizable and super-cool icons belong to Apple, Mercedes and Nike.

Coming up with stylized text is usually the most economical route for small and start-up organizations.  They also leave room to grow into a logo or icon later. Nonetheless I’m regularly challenged by clients who want an icon that is super cool but within their budget. My suggestion is the same: wait and let that cool icon find you. Don’t push it now because you’ll be stuck with something (stupid) for the foreseeable future. Instead start with something classy and let it mature. Then someday you’ll wake up and have something really cool. Like the Tostitos logo.

Think about how many times you saw the Tostitos during the BCS series. Now how many times did you notice the two guys eating chips and salsa in their logo? Look closely and you’ll find them there. Among my favorite of really cool logos.

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