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S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services Finds a True Marketing Partner in Michael Mackenzie Communications

S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C.When CPA firm S.J. Gorowitz Accounting & Tax Services, P.C. first “hung out its shingle” in 1991, company owner Stacey Gorowitz, CPA, never imagined she would work with a full-service marketing firm—or win dozens of awards. Two decades later, both statements are true, and the two events are somewhat intertwined.

While the professional standard of excellence that drove the firm to its success, Gorowitz credits Michael Mackenzie Communications (MMC) for helping to secure recent awards and opportunities. “MMC President Jennifer Koon would ask if we wanted to submit for awards like Best of North Fulton, and when we said, ‘Yes!’ she would perform the research we needed to move forward.”

“Then, she and her team would complete a plan to execute, to get the message out so people could vote,” Gorowitz continues. “In essence, they gave us the tools to ensure we got the votes—and the mechanisms to announce our wins. After that, it’s up to us to ensure we are considered again.” Gorowitz has certainly accomplished that goal—she was recently named a 5-Star CPA for the fourth time.

From Small Biz to Big Dreams

During its early years, Gorowitz relates, the firm handled all its marketing needs in house. After that, they hired a marketing firm that helped with branding, messaging, social media, blogging and a website update. While the firm did the work, Gorowitz says, they were not getting the results we were looking for. “We kept wondering why we were not getting results,” she says. “We were attracting new potential clients, but they were not our target.”

As it turned out, Gorowitz was targeting and reaching the wrong market—something their old marketing firm didn’t question. “We were marketing to ‘small businesses,’ which to us—and big accounting firms like Price Waterhouse—meant anyone smaller than Fortune 500,” she says. “To the company owners reading our marketing messages, that meant we specialized in start ups and Mom and Pop shops, while our target was—and still is—expanding, successful businesses with tax complexities, and their owners.”

A branding consultant helped Gorowitz develop the website and language around their target market shift, but the firm wasn’t equipped to handle the execution of ongoing marketing strategy. Gorowitz thought her firm was too small to afford a
“full-service” firm when she reached out to Koon for help—not realizing she would soon rely on MMC as just that—her full-service marketing resource.

“We had heard of Michael Mackenzie Communications and Jennifer’s positive results working with other companies,” says Gorowitz. “We needed execution of our strategy, writing, content distribution and other tactical marketing—and we wanted someone that we could hold accountable. Not a vendor, but a true business partner.” Gorowitz hired MMC and never looked back.

“Jennifer and her team ensure the firm is going in the right direction with strategy, awards, events and other elements of our marketing plan.”
Stacey Gorowitz, CPA, Owner

Partners in Excellence

“With Jennifer and MMC, we saw a much more consistent approach, in terms of executing on our plans. We have a full outsourced marketing department,’” she says. “Jennifer and her team ensure the firm is going in the right direction with strategy, awards, events and other elements of our marketing plan.”

Over time, Koon took on a strategic role, developing recommendations for major strategic moves, such as a new website, which Gorowitz believes will “take us to the next level.” Today, the MMC team also assists with articles bylined by company personnel which, Gorowitz says keeps them current. “We want to write something that people want to to read—it’s not just writing for its own sake,” she concludes, “and they help us do it.”

Quantifiable Benefits

When asked if MMC has been a contributor to the firm’s success, Gorowitz replies, “Things are going great; we are consistently achieving and exceeding our goals.” Their client roster has expanded, she notes, not only in number, but in the quality of clients in the industries they serve.

“We get referrals of new clients from referral resources and clients now, and while MMC wasn’t the driver behind our dedication to excellence and achievement, they understand how we can promote it,” she says. “Being recognized in our community and the resulting publicity lend credibility, which in turn reinforces and sustains our competitive advantage.”

When asked what she finds most valuable about her firm’s relationship with MMC, Gorowitz doesn’t hesitate. “They are the ‘total package’ marketing firm—they help us with strategy, execution and goal achievement. What I find most valuable are our monthly meetings.”

“It’s not just a reporting session,” she continues. “We talk about what works and what doesn’t—we bounce ideas around. We update our marketing calendar, planning months in advance. Jennifer and our Account Manager, Jennifer Kardian, identify the actual steps that ensure the plan moves forward to fruition, and they ensure everyone will execute as planned.”

“That approach keeps us focused and helps us make good decisions,” Gorowitz concludes. “It also makes MMC a part of our team.” Asked if she would refer an associate or client to MMC, Gorowitz is unhesitant. “Absolutely! After working with other marketing firms, this is the best experience we have had.”

“We have a true partner in MMC.”
Stacey Gorowitz, CPA, Owner

“Jennifer Kardian and Jennifer Koon are my ‘go-to’ people,” says Gorowitz. “They are very reliable, so we have confidence that things are going to get done. We have a true partner in MMC. I get honest opinions and honest advice—not just what I want to hear.”

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