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Clear Your Browser Cache to See the Changes

One of the most frequently repeated phrases I find myself typing in client emails is, “You may need to clear your browser cache to see the changes.”

We maintain dozens of client websites and are constantly updating and/or adding content.

After we make the updates, sometimes the client can’t see the changes we made to their site.

This is almost always because their web browser—Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.—has cached the content from the page before the updates were made.

What is “browser cache” and why does it exist anyway?

Your browser cache, also called Temporary Internet Files for some browsers, serves as a folder where some items such as text, photos, or even entire web page layouts are stored or “cached.” This makes visiting a site you frequent take less time to process and allows it to load much faster.

There are times when simply reloading the page is not enough to see recent changes, and you must clear your browser cache to solve the problem.

So, how do you clear your browser cache? Instructions can be found here.


This post courtesy of Web Developer, Kerry Wolfe


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