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Cut the Time of Social Media Video Editing with CapCut

In the digital marketing world, not all videos are going to be filmed by a professional videographer. This can lead to spending hours on end editing video content to have that professional look in programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s important for marketers to find new ways to save their time, especially when it comes to social media and content editing. Luckily, with CapCut, you have all the fundamental video editing tools at the palm of your hands to give you the professional look you need.   

CapCut is a video editing software produced by the creators of the popular app, TikTok. CapCut was designed to help users produce trendy and sophisticated social media videos. This easy-to-use program offers the essential video editing tools and plus more. Some of the key features within the app are auto-captioning, background color removal and green screen effects. Other features of this software include: 

  • Cut, Merge and Trim Clips  
  • Frame-by-Frame Split Editing  
  • Speed Adjustments  
  • Filters 
  • Video and Audio Transitions
  • Text and Animated-Text
  • Trending Sounds and Audio Library
  • And More!  

CapCut Mobile offers templates for video edits which allow the user to select their clips and CapCut generates video together for you. CapCut was created for content creators to help them dip their toes into video editing and have the perfect content for social media. For those who are already familiar with content editing, CapCut provides users with the tools they need to make their edits faster than ever. This app allows users to stay up to date with video trends as well as viral video templates. 

CapCut is accessible through their mobile app, web, and desktop. When it comes to their mobile and desktop software, there are some features that may not be available. For the desktop versions, the pre-made templates are not available and only accessible through the mobile app version. CapCut is free to download, and no-account creation is necessary for the software to be used. Some features require the users to subscribe to a “pro” account with a weekly, monthly or yearly fee. 

To learn more about CapCut, you can visit their website here.    


This post is courtesy of MMC Marketing Intern Madi Edwards. 

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