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Don’t Let Your Best Press Release Go Unnoticed – Use this Playbook to Keep Spreading the News

You’ve sent out a press release about your company’s newest product or upgrade, accolade you’ve received or benchmark you’ve reached. You’ve picked up some media mentions along the way in key trade publications or even local news outlets. What now? How do you let customers and prospects know that you’re in the news? You can’t just start spreading the news as the song says – keep spreading the news!

  1. Post to Company Website Simultaneously

Plan for the news release to be posted on your website just before or at the same time that your press release is distributed. This should be posted on your news page so that the link to the news can be shared easily. Ideally, latest news should also appear on your homepage – an easy way for anyone visiting your website to see that you have current news to share.

  1. Email Soon

Blast out the news to all your email contacts while it’s still fresh. Keep your email short by teasing the big announcement and maybe touting how this news can benefit the reader. Simply using the headline and first paragraph of the press release gets the gist of the news to the reader, then link to the full news release or media clip on your company website.

  1. Utilize All Social Media Channels

After the first burst of news, plan a social media calendar that keeps your news stream active. Post the press release or media clip to your company LinkedIn page as well as your company Facebook page on the day your news is released. Plan for others in your company to share the news on their own LinkedIn account on alternate days to keep the good news spreading.

Some other tips for getting the most out of your email and social posts:

  • Make it easy to link back to your website with more than one clearly defined link or button.
  • Link any earned news story or media mention directly to the publication’s website.
  • Add video or audio content that supports the news.

Your best news deserves to be seen and heard!

The very best news in the world means nothing if your clients and prospects don’t know about it. Be sure you use all your communications channels to spread the good word. This is no time to be modest!

This blog is courtesy of MMC Media Relations Manager Malinda Lackey

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