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Growing Your LinkedIn Company Page – Tips on Engaging with Your Audience and Growing your Following

Growing your following and engagement on LinkedIn starts with consistency. Posting consistently and interacting with your audience is essential for growth. Connecting your company page with your personal connections can help reach new users.

Interacting with your audience

Engaging with your audience is essential to see growth on social media, but where do you start? Start by looking at and engaging with the content of people you already know. Next research companies similar to yours on LinkedIn; evaluate their content and consider how they interact with their following. Following and interacting with similar pages can allow you to be discovered by their audience as well as give you inspiration on what you want or do not want to incorporate in your page. Look further into what content your target audience is currently engaging in and, if applicable, repost it directly to your page. This can help your audience associate content they already like to your page. Similarly, repost content that mentions your company to stay active in your digital community. Posting consistently can be difficult, but reposting content is an easy way to remain active within your LinkedIn community.

When posting to your company page, add hashtags to the end of your posts. Start by appending up to three hashtags that define your company (i.e. your industry, your geography and the name of your company) to your posts to allow your page to be discovered by other users searching or following these hashtags. Include these defining hashtags at the end of every post plus two to three additional hashtags that describe the content in the post for the best use of hashtags.

You can also follow relevant hashtags to stay up to date with similar content you can engage in. Being active on your page whether that be posting, responding to others or reposting is crucial in increasing engagement on your page.

Grow your audience

Growing your following on a company page can be difficult if you are not consistently active on LinkedIn. One easy way to suggest that others follow your page is by adding the URL of your page to your email signature, the company website, and other social platforms. Expand your reach through your employees, if possible. Ask employees to link the URL to their company email signature, and even ask them to follow the page. From there you can keep employees updated on posts in hopes that they will engage in the content. On LinkedIn, you can invite your first-degree connections to follow your company page with a personalized message. If you choose to do so, ensure your message is personal for the best results. LinkedIn also allows you to pay to boost previously posted content. Boosting posts helps your content reach more users. Finally, utilize the analytics provided on LinkedIn. See how your audience is responding to your posts and adjust to cater your content to them.

There are many ways you can grow your following and engagement on LinkedIn company pages, but the most useful is being consistent. Engage with your following as much as possible to retain and grow your audience. Utilize the tools LinkedIn provides for you to grow your page and you are on your way to running a successful company page.

This post is courtesy of MMC Digital Marketing Coordinator Kayla Travis

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