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How Effective is Email Marketing?

We are pleased to announce that Michael Mackenzie Communications was named a Constant Contact All Star for 2017! This annual award recognizes the most successful 10 percent of Constant Contact’s customer and Solution Provider base.

Constant Contact 2017 All Star Award

Research shows that email marketing continues to deliver the highest returns of any marketing channel. But, just how effective is email marketing in 2018?

According to Domosphere 204,166,667 emails are sent out every minute of the day. While many of those are deleted, this number does demonstrate how heavily used email is as a communication tool. In fact, Marketing Sherpa reports that 72% of people prefer companies to communicate with them via email, and 91% say they like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with.

Email is less intrusive than a phone call. People can read it when they have time to do so. While an inbox full of marketing messages can be annoying at times, it is easy enough to clean out those messages you choose not to read.

The key to email marketing is keeping the message in front of your customer as often as they have the opportunity to buy or refer to you. Michael Mackenzie Communications manages several frequency campaigns for our clients to maintain a regular flow of communications and educational information to their best prospects, customers and referral sources, because you don’t know which day, month or year your customer will be shopping.

For instance, I receive regular promotional emails from our local Toyota dealership on sales they are offering. I delete the vast majority of those emails without ever clicking on the link. BUT, when my old car decided to die on the side of the highway one evening, guess what I did while waiting for the tow truck? I found the last promotional email in my deleted folder to see what deals they were currently offering. I have forwarded those emails in the past to friends that I knew who were shopping around for a new vehicle.  That’s another advantage to emails, phone calls and post cards are not very forwardable.

If you’re not convinced of the staying power of email, check out three reasons why email marketing isn’t going anywhere, as shared by  Daniel Newman in Entrepreneur :

1. It’s effective when executed correctly. 

If the read rate of your newsletters is low, it doesn’t necessarily mean that email is dead or dying. Instead, it means your newsletters fail to pique audience interest, or your calls to action aren’t up to scratch.

2. It has distinct advantages over social.

Email marketing, allows marketers to offer relevant and insightful content to an audience that has willingly subscribed and is eager to learn more. In addition, 90 percent of Internet users are also email users, while only 70 percent have a social-media account. If you want to reach a majority of your audience, email is still the most effective method to do so.

Email is still a superlative channel to use to drive sales, customer acquisition and customer retention, while social media’s value really lies in customer engagement. Comparing the two channels is like comparing apples and oranges.

3. It’s evolving.

From newsletters to targeted offerings, brands can now monitor, measure, test and tweak emails to drive customer engagement. In addition, many new technologies show great promise of dramatically changing the email marketing game. Email will cease to simply be a medium for communication and evolve into a platform that helps brands deliver cross-channel experiences.

This post courtesy of Firm Administrator Michelle Knight

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