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In Email, Timing is Everything

I spent much of today hurrying to get out an email campaign for a client that wouldn’t take no for an answer. no you shouldn’t mail on Friday. No you shouldn’t mail after 2PM. No you shouldn’t mail preceeding a holiday weekend. It didn’t listen and the mail went out. We’ll see what happens next.  In the meantime, I rec’d this EM from the sandwich shop down the street. Mail arrived here at 5:58PM on a cold, dark, windy Friday night. While I wouldn’t endorse marketing most biz at this hour, something about this one made all of the sense in the world.

Whatever vehicle your choose, timeliness of delivery is essential. Consider when the prospect/recipient is most likely to buy from or refer to you and that make be exactly when it should arrive. For me, dinner at 6PM is a=ok.

Email Invite from Panera Bread Co.

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