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Invest Wisely in Business Cards

Although I frequently encounter business owners who believe that more is better, the reality is that for many businesses BETTER is a lot more effective than MORE. Better marketing materials are better than more marketing materials. Better messaging is better than more messaging, better marketing campaigns are better than more campaigns.

And in a few instances, really professional business cards are all that you need. How can that be? When you look at the sales process and the professional making the sales, sometimes they are completely capable of making the close without the reinforcement of visual aids.

Unfortunately, some professionals sabotage their own efforts by distributing really crummy business cards. You’ve seen them: cheap paper, poor printing quality or just down right confusing or inappropriate information. Kris Dekom did an awesome job of summarizing all of these mishaps in a piece he calls the Seven Deadly Sins of Business Cards. I’d challenge that there are a few more than 7 (please send me your ideas) but encourage you to read this list before heading off to Kinkos to order cards for your new business venture.

Please enjoy this visual, courtesy of Kris.

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