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Make Time to Update Your LinkedIn Business Profile

Two of the most effective channels for business marketing are LinkedIn and Facebook. For today, I’ll limit the discussion to LinkedIn, which has become one of the most effective platforms to deliver content and engage with professionals across almost every industry.

A feature common to both channels, and the first place to start, is the Company Page.

The Company Page is like an individual’s profile. It tells the story of your company and is where you’ll post content to engage your audience. It may seem intuitive, but it’s important to complete each section of the page in its entirety before you start posting content. This will help with ongoing page management and your company’s ability to measure and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Besides company details, on LinkedIn be sure to:

Add administrative roles

  • One person may have primary responsibility for maintaining your page, but it is most efficient when others can step in and help when needed.

Share interesting and engaging content, images and other visuals

  • Like most media platforms, LinkedIn uses an algorithm that evaluates content quality, which impacts your company’s visibility
  • Frequency alone does not equate to higher quality
  • People tend to share posts that contain short videos or infographics
  • Multi-format posts keep your content fresh and interesting, as well as provide the opportunity to link your audience back to your website

Customize your Call to Action (CTA) and keep company images current

  • Keep images of your workplace and employees engaging and up to date

Involve your employees

  • Employees are a great resource for extending your reach and audience so let them know when new content is posted
  • Encourage everyone to add their company role to their personal LinkedIn profiles.
  • Ask them to share and engage (likes, comments) with the Company Page

Post content from, or mention, your partners or other companies you do business with.

  • This may seem counterintuitive, but it’s a great way to engage with these companies and promote your content to their audiences.

A strong social media presence is good business.  Be sure to take time to review how others learn about and interact with your company.

This post is courtesy of MMC Account Manager Laurie Cullen.

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