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My Christmas Reading Recommendation: The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Each year for Christmas I give a few of my top clients a book — call it homework disguised as a gift. This year those favored clients are receiving David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR. I’ve selected this book because his message really parallels some of the things I’ve been advocating to clients all year — from the use of social media to reach and monitor the buzz about your company to regular press release distribution to ensure that you sustain and feed that buzz — and is filled with really great examples.

I passed my copy around at a recent team meeting to a roaring response from my graphic and web designers.

The New Rules of Marketing & PRBest pricing I’ve seen on the book comes from Amazon although you can buy the books directly from Scott and he has offered to do a teleseminar for companies that purchase 100 copies (an idea I believe he borrowed from Seth Godin).

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