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Online Newsrooms Using Blogging Technology

I found one! Several months ago I mentioned my interest in businesses using blogging applications as a host for their on-line newsrooms as opposed to the CMS tool that they are using for the rest of the website. I immediately ran into some push-back from social media purists who were concerned about abuse of the technology, from web designers who were confused about why I would introduce another tool and from clients who thought I was telling them that they were going to create a blog.

Once I had this audience reassured of my pure intent, I still had a hard time uncovering live examples of my idea. But today I had coffee (tea actually) with a graphic designer who showed me his newsroom and guess what? He’s using wordpress! I was thrilled to find someone else embracing this concept and while I think there is still room for improvement (I sent him to the SHIFT presentation for ideas), I wanted to point you to his efforts and see how seamlessly he’s been able to integrate his newsroom with his website.

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