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Software Solutions Need to be Managed

There are numerous software companies that focus on small business environments. Their features can include CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and a variety of social media integration tools. The data generated can allow for more specific and personalized contact with consumers.

The Appeal

Many companies are looking to invest in integration software. Employers want to measure the success of their marketing efforts and determine if these efforts are generating leads.

For example, the open rate for an email can gauge whether a consumer should be reached through a different medium.

Personalized contact will lead to a more reciprocal relationship between the company and the consumer. Positive professional relationships can lead to growth and this growth can be measured through software solutions.

The Cost

In choosing a software solution, it is important to determine what you need. Most software solutions have ample features that are not always pertinent to your marketing needs. Explore your options before you overpay for a service that does not accommodate your business.

The Management

Software companies post demos on their websites. These demos show all the bells and whistles the software offers. However, simply having the software is not sufficient. A certain level of management is necessary to track and measure the data. Companies can be wowed by demos and be oblivious to the time commitment that comes with a software solution.

In the event your company is interested in a software solution, be sure to delegate someone to manage the software. A manager will be able to adjust settings, create new extensions, and monitor the effectiveness of multiple platforms.

Here is a look at the interface of a software solution. This software belongs to Infusionsoft. Their demo shows a variety of tools, but this sequence is user-generated, meaning the “manager” would create it.

Demos show the capabilities of the software, but fail to mention the time and effort needed to launch these features. Keep this in mind when watching demos.


This post courtesy of Digital Media Intern, Madeline Janflone

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