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Strong Email Subject Lines are Gate Openers

If you’re going to take the time to craft emails for clients, customers and employees, you want people to open them and read them! But with bulging inboxes and countless distractions, you better catch their attention within three seconds. Your subject line is the key. It’s like a first impression when meeting someone – if it’s not engaging, they probably aren’t going to interact!

7 Ways to Stand Out in a Crowd

To stop the scroll or delay deletion, you must dare to be different. These seven tips will help catch a reader’s eye.

  1. 📢Emojis are fun but keep them appropriate! It’s important that the emoji ties to your topic and that it’s not going to be overused. For instance, using a heart on Valentine’s Day, while timely, isn’t likely to be something that stops a reader.
  2. [Brackets] are engaging! The open lift rate increases by up to 8% when brackets are used strategically.
  3. Don’t spell out your numbers! Yes, numbers under 10 are supposed to be written out in copy, but not in your subject line or headers. Words blend together; numerals stand out! Extra tip: odd numbers are better than even, except for 10.
  4. Don’t be afraid of the “F-word.” FREE is no longer a spam trigger. If you have a great offer, don’t be shy to say it!
  5. Use CAPITAL letters! The idea is to stand out and look different in your subject line. This isn’t shouting, this is emphasis (and eye-catching)!
  6. Yes, words matter. The subject line shouldn’t be all about you, but rather, should make your target audience feel ownership. You want them to feel a part of your company. Phrases like “You have” versus “Get” imply they are already invested.
  7. Personalize the subject line. Adding appropriate personalization can increase open rates up to 32%! Think outside of first names. Ideas include geography (popular in Atlanta), interests (for pickleball players), age-related words (best ideas for grandparents) or using the company name (help Michael Mackenzie grow).

Finally, don’t forget to proofread (your subject line AND your email). While there may be a place for intentionally misspelling a word or having a grammatical error, the most likely response is for your target to think you are careless, or worse, don’t know any better.

Have fun with your subject lines. Remember that their function is to get people to stop and want to read more.

This blog is courtesy of MMC Account Manager Melissa Holder

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