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Good Listeners Get the Worm

I bought a car last week. Actually I bought two but that is another discussion. This was the first time I’ve purchased a car using a buying service and lots of other resources on the web. Even with loads of info, when if finally comes time to do the deal, it is interesting to see what happens.

Armed with a ton of information about cost and pricing, you’d think that “negotiations” would go out the window but that wasn’t necessarily the case. I emailed several dealerships plus visited a few that were close by and posed identical requests for financing information based on specific models. Despite specificity, I still received tons of generic resposes  like “Come by and we’ll see what we can do” and “Tell me about the features that are important to you.” If I wanted to negotiate, I wouldn’t have bothered to get pricing in advance. And once I visit a dealership, I’m ready to deal so please don’t leave me hanging.

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