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The Unseen Benefits of Internal Video

The Unseen Benefits of Internal Video

Some of the most obvious ways to use video are to share it on social media or upload it to a video-hosting website. However, there are various other opportunities to leverage your video assets.

One of the most cost-effective yet under-utilized applications for video is internal communications.

Using your video as an introduction for new employees can become an essential part of your training process. Video is inviting and allows your new-hires to form connections with its superiors. Video can speed up the process of teaching your employees how to do something, or even allow new-hires to learn about your company.

Incorporating a welcome video into your training will help employees relate to your company, its objectives and values. This will make your future employees eager to work and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to your mission. This will ultimately create a pleasant work environment for all employees.

Video allows you to convey your point in less time.

It is not uncommon to spend hours instructing your employees through a series of back-and-forth emails. Screen-capture videos allow you to teach employees how-to do something, while highlighting common errors and mistakes. Adopting this method will prove to be time-saving, because you will not have to explain the same message repeatably.

You can even use video to share the history of your establishment or meet the founder, which will provide your new-hires with a sense of familiarity and knowledge.

Using video to share information internally can improve employee morale and professionalism. Showing your employees that you took the time to produce a professional video will foster confidence in your company’s practices.

this post courtesy of intern Cori Lowenstein

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