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Three Characteristics of a Good PR Client

Before I had the chance to read Kanzler’s How to Be a Good PR Client, the headline got me thinking. And as luck would have it, I had a client-inspired afternoon to help fuel my thoughts.

First, on to my short list. Great PR clients  — and by great, I mean that ones whose behavior ultimately contributes to  (instead of limits) their own success are…

1. Transparent
2. Prompt
3. Available

Before you get started with silly questions, by transparent I do not mean see-through. Transparent clients are those who aren’t afraid to pull back the curtains and reveal some depth about their announcement or organization.

This week I was held hostage by a client’s partner who wanted to embargo details of their announcement until after they happened. Duh, after they happen it isn’t news, I tried to explain. Yet I spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out how to respond to a reporter’s inquiry and hold up my end of the deal with the newsmaker.

If you’re not willing to reveal the details of a new item, then don’t bother reaching out to the press with an announcement or pitch. You’re wasting your time (or budget if you’re paying an agency), not to mention tarnishing your reputation with the media. Reporters want the whole story because that is what their readers expect. And if you are looking for ink, you need to be willing to share it.

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