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Top Five Benefits of an Active Facebook Company Page

Active Facebook Company Page

Facebook currently has more than 1.9 billion avid users, according to CNN Money. Despite this statistic, some companies still worry about Facebook’s true benefits. Here, I have detailed the top five benefits of creating and effectively managing a Facebook company page:

  1. Increases exposure to potential clients, which may lead to strong leads.

With Facebook’s large audience and interactive features, exposing your content to fresh eyes becomes an easier task. When a Facebook user likes, shares or comments on a post, Facebook automatically shares that activity with the person’s network of friends. This allows people who are similar to the user who interacted with your post to be able to see the content and interact with that content as well. Even though this seems simple, it is still very important to create shareable content. If you do not have shareable content, it will not receive the activity you were hoping for.

  1. Helps you reach your target audience and learn about your target audience through Facebook Insights.

On a personal Facebook page, you can see who comments, likes or shares your post(s). However, Facebook company pages takes audience reporting a step further with Insights. Facebook Insights details:

  • Amount of page likes
  • Reach of your page
  • Reach of your posts
  • Engagement scores
  • Audience demographics
  • And more


  1. Lures more traffic to your website.

Facebook does not stop at engaging users in your posts. To get the full experience, it is important to use website links to attract users to your website. When using website links, remember that users tend to steer clear away from sales pitches. Keep your content user-friendly and interactive.

  1. Builds brand loyalty.

When company’s show a personable side through networks such as Facebook, clients are more inclined to share and interact with content. When users share your content with their Facebook network, it shows that they stand behind what your post represents and then they convey that to their network.

  1. Features advertising options for cheap.

Creating a Facebook company page is free. Utilizing your company page in addition to an effective marketing strategy will grow your page. However, some companies would like to see growth happen faster. This is where Facebook advertising comes in. Facebook offers Post Boosting/Promoted Posts, Sponsored Stories, Marketplace Ads and Facebook Ads. Each are forms of advertising and cost little-to-nothing to create.

  • Post Boosting: Uses the “promote” or “boost” button that appears on a recent company post. Posts that get additional paid reach in the News Feeds of fans and friends of fans. Promoted Posts cannot be targeted by categories or interest.
  • Sponsored Stories: Built around user activity. Advertisers pay to highlight actions that users have already taken on the Facebook or on a Facebook-connected app. That action is shown to a user’s friends. However, Sponsored Stories cannot be used to reach an audience that is not connected to the page or app through a friend.
  • Facebook Ads: Created using Facebook’s campaign creator tool. These ads begin as a regular post on a page, which is then used to get paid distribution to fans, friends of fans and non- You can target these ads and are able to add an action button such as “Watch More.”
  • Marketplace Ads: Serve as sidebar ads on desktops and some mobile devices. These ads are similar to a Google Ad; they include a headline, body copy and an image. These ads can be linked to a Facebook page or third-party website.


This post courtesy of Account Coordinator, Shanelle Benjamin

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