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Make Sure LinkedIn Notifies Your Friends When You’re “In the News”

If you have an account on LinkedIn, you’ve probably received an email notification that one of your connections was “In the News,” but how does LinkedIn match a person to a news item and, more importantly, how can your connections be notified when you are in a press release or article?

While it’s not perfect, “Mentioned in the News” is an automated feature in LinkedIn that searches online news items and matches its member’s or organization’s names in these articles. LinkedIn admits that while “this algorithm is good,” it’s not foolproof. Recently we were notified that our client was mentioned in the news, however it was the wrong “Jane Doe” than the “Jane Doe” in our connections. In this instance, we simply reported the misidentification by clicking the “Wrong Person” or “Wrong Organization” flag.

How do you turn on this setting so that your connections will be notified when you are in the news? LinkedIn has made this process fairly easy using the following steps:

To manage your Mentioned in the News email settings:

  1. Click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click Settings & Privacy.
  3. Click the Privacy tab at the top of the page.
  4. Under the How others see your LinkedIn activity section, click Change next to Notifying connections when you’re in the news.
  5. Switch the toggle to No to turn off notifying people in your network that you’ve been mentioned in an article or blog post. Switch the toggle to Yes to notify people in your network that you’ve been mentioned in an article or blog post.
  6. Your changes will be saved automatically.

We recommend that all of our clients and friends take 5 minutes to login into their LinkedIn account and follow the steps to make sure your connections are notified any time you appear in a press release or article. This will grant you more exposure and give you more credibility across your network.

This post is courtesy of MMC Media Relations Manager Kelly DeAses

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