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What belongs in a plan? (Preparing for 2008, Part 3)

While you are working on your plan it is important to remember that marketing doesn’t just include the programs that you physically mail, email or purchase for advertising. As a matter of fact, some of your most productive marketing efforts may be those that don’t require any outlay of budget at all. These might include such items as public speaking, volunteering your services for professional associations as well as civic associations or teaching adults, children or other business owners.


For ease of effort, try dividing your activities into category by target audience (channel, end-user, influencer) or medium (print, electronic, events). Your list might include something like this:

Blogging (all audiences)

Monthly E-Newsletters (clients)

Quarterly Direct Mail Campaign (clients)

Personal Notecards (clients)

Monthly Networking Events (clients)

Quarterly Bylined articles (prospects)

Quarterly Public Speaking (prospects)

Quarterly Direct Mail Campaign (prospects)

Monthly Networking Events (prospects)

Monthly Webinars (prospects)

Monthly E-Newsletters (influencers)

Monthly Webinars (influencers)

Monthly Webinars (channel)

Personal Notecards (channel)

Monthly Networking Events (channel)


But remember, just having a list of activities is not enough. The best plans are those that include details of the why and the how for each marketing effort. You’ve got to identify the steps necessary to execute on a program as well as the anticipated and hopefully measurable results.

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