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Why Your Auto Attendant Greeting Matters

We have recently installed a new telecom system here at MMC. At one point in the installation process, I was asked what we would like our auto attendant to say on the greeting. Sure, no problem. “Press 1 for Jennifer, press 2 for the next, etc.”

Simple, right?  Not so fast.

If your company has an auto attendant, that is the first thing callers hear when they dial your business. What impression do you want to make? That recording could make the difference between a customer getting through or leaving a message, or giving up and hanging up. The recording needs to guide the caller with clear instructions, and even more importantly, make sure they’re not frustrated by the process.

According to an independent survey completed by Software Advice in 2015, 42% of customers say they’ll take their business elsewhere if they have trouble using a company’s phone directory.

Customers’ Most Likely Reaction to a Bad Auto-Attendant Experience

Your auto attendant greeting will tell customers how serious you are about your brand, and how serious you are about them. Here are some tips we’ve gathered through writing our own greeting:

  • Keep the overall auto attendant menu length under one minute. Long menus are another top pain point listed by consumers in the survey done by Software Advice.
  • Keep introductions under three seconds.Long introductions have more potential to annoy your customers than to spread brand awareness. User fewer words.
  • Use warm and inviting language. Avoid language that sounds condescending, or too scripted. You want your callers to feel welcomed, not like they’re one in a million that you don’t care about.
  • Don’t say, “Please listen closely to our menu as our options have changed…” This is a personal pet peeve, as it just wastes 5 seconds of everybody’s time. New callers don’t care that you changed your menu, they won’t notice. If it’s a regular caller, they’re probably not going to listen to the whole menu anyway.

This post courtesy of Firm Administrator, Michelle Knight

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