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WordPress as a Preferred Content Management Solution (CMS)

Yesterday, WPEngine, a popular WordPress hosting company (and coincidentally the host used by this blog), unveiled a fun infographic detailing the tech savviness of Shark Tank guests and panelists as determined by their website hosting platform.

Shark Tank Infographic

An impressive 38% majority chose WordPress as the platform for their fledgling but soon-to-be record setting business.

Like other marketers, we standardized on WordPress as our most-recommended platform for new website design several years ago. As an agency focused so intently on content delivery, it only made sense for us to choose a CMS that was both reliable and easy to use. While I continue to encounter folks who want to challenge the reliability and professionalism of the platform, I’m quick to counter that for content publishing and indexing – the juice that really powers search on the web – WordPress can’t be beat.

Although we continue to support clients on a number of the other CMS solutions included in the survey, as well as some not mentioned, I’d strongly encourage business owners with an option to choose WordPress for makeovers or startups.

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