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Although I never recommend that you adhere labels to envelopes…

There are times when I do actually recommend clients buy labels. Usually as part of a promotion — where you might use them to highlight a special offer — or to personalize collateral that was pre-printed by someone else.

The second instance is one we encountered recently, where it made good economic sense for my client to make use of the high quality materials provided for a product he resells. Before passing the brochures along to his customers/prospects, we’re labeling them with his contact information so when they receive it, they’ll be sure to call him for more information. I ordered his labels from They have a great selection and easy to use downloaded templates that you can use to setup your labels inside of Word.

Today they’re running a promotion and asked me to mention their site in my blog so I’d thought I’d include with this endorsement.

For those of your who are still thinking that it is a good idea to print mailing addresses on labels and then affix them to envelopes and postcards, don’t do it. It makes you look amateurish and tells your customers that you’re too cheap to have their information directly addressed onto your mail pieces — something you can do individually on your laser printer or in bulk for as little as $75/M.

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