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Blog Content You’ve Practically Already Written

At Michael Mackenzie Communications, we advise our clients to have multiple people within their organizations post fresh and compelling content on a regular basis. But this cliché comes to mind when I think about writing my own blog – the cobbler’s children have no shoes. Like everyone else, I get busy with client work and push my own fresh content way down the priority to-do list. It’s time I follow my own advice!

Blogs don’t have to be brand new news!

Here are a few ideas for where you might uncover already composed ideas.

Someone else’s news

News stories you’ve seen about your industry are a fantastic source of material for blogs and a great way to share perspective. Whether you agree or disagree, spell out for your audience why you found an article interesting. You can use anecdotes from your own experience to support the article’s premise or share a contrarian view for consideration.

Content you’ve already put together

Presentation decks from webinars and other events are a good source of material for your blog. Look at some of the highlights of your presentation and write a few paragraphs expanding on ideas from one or two slides. Any section of your presentation that garnered comment or questions is worth writing about. This is a great way to showcase your expertise and get mileage from work you’ve already done.

Advice you’ve already given

If a client has had a problem or asked a question, you can be sure there is someone else with a similar need. Without giving away the secret recipe, you can offer an overview of a particular client issue you’ve helped resolve. What are some best practices you’ve put into place for a client? Share that good advice to demonstrate your value.

Your last blog or social media post

Comments on your last blog or social post are a great source for future blog material. If a client or prospect shows interest in something you’ve already posted, chances are they’ve found value in what you’re saying. This is a good way to incorporate client questions into a blog or address concerns expressed by a reader. In fact, a blog post is an effective way to address differing or negative opinions.

Get blogging!

With just these four suggestions for content, it’s likely you can find at least a few topics for your next blog. Take a look through some of your most recent documents and you may already have the start of a great blog!

This post is courtesy of MMC Media Relations Manager Malinda Lackey

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