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I enjoyed lunch today sitting at the end of the bar at the new Ted’s Montana Grill in Cumming. From my seat I had a prime view of the chefs and was intrigued by the training going on just days after their grand opening. Not only were things neat and orderly but even the uniforms identified the trainees from the trainers. While my server was baffled by the menu, my lunch arrived without a hitch but that wasn’t the point here.

The overall affect of their brand was awesome. Not just in the appearance of the venue and the uniforms but in the attitude of the staff, even the new staff. They were excited to be there (hey, it’s new, you expect that) but also passionate about their work and their offering. They’d been drinking the Kool Aid and understood the pressure to perform.

Made me wonder how can we capture and maintain that level of enthusiasm in our own staff. Once the bright and shiny newness rubs off, are they still enthusiastic about your brand? Does it show and shine through in their work and their attitude? And if it doesn’t, how much is that costing you?

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