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Once is Not a Marketing Campaign

If I had a dollar for the number of times that a business owner told me they tried marketing once and it didn’t work for them, I would be driving a much nicer car. Marketing is not like lima beans, you can’t try them once and make a decision on…

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Choice of Venue Makes a Difference

I still get the opportunity to help clients with seminars periodically thought not as often as when I was with Microsoft. One of the interesting lessons learned has to do with site selection. All business owners are looking to cut corners and so the idea of free is always appealing…

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Deal or No Deal: How Would You Spend the Banker’s Money?

Admittedly prime time television must have soured in mid-December when I found myself repeatedly watching the Small Business Owner edition of Deal or No Deal on Wednesday evenings. Unlike the original version of the show, this one features no lovely, leggy ladies with briefcases. Instead the contestants as well as…

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Using Stock Photography: A Cautionary Tale

The growing popularity and widespread availability of stock photography sites like and has put the likes of Getty Images and Tony Stone on their ears right along with a great many high quality independent professionals. You can't blame it all on the stock photo sites. The issue has…

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