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CIA Open House and other great e-mail subject lines

I continue to be a sucker for great e-mail subject lines, call it a casualty of the job. Today’s Email headline boasting a CIA Open House earned a near immediate open on my part… and an enormous laugh when I learned they were not seeking co-workers for Jason Bourne but instead for WIT’s Careers in Action.

Jan 30 3015

Reading strong subject lines serves as a reminder of their importance. Well-crafted email messages blasted under a “January Newsletter” subject line can be a waste of precious dollars and time. While I typically encourage folks to write the subject line AFTER the message is composed (to make sure it is contextually appropriate), don’t be in a rush to get in out the door or leave it to someone not in charge of content development to “plug something in” else you’ll find yourself with another 10% open rate and an afternoon of heartfelt disappointment.

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