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Formatting Your Facebook Ad

Facebook is a veritable fire hose of advertisements. Your posts, articles and brilliant insights do not stand a chance at catching anyone’s attention unless you employ a few tested strategies to make your content pop.

Most people view Facebook on their mobile devices. No one wants to read a 500-word essay on his or her phone so make sure your content is “snackable.”  Studies have shown that ads that can be completely digested in 6 seconds perform best and are becoming the standard for digital marketing. Therefore, when creating your ad, make sure it can be viewed in 6 seconds or less.

The most compelling type of post on Facebook is a video; studies indicate people spend up to 5 times longer on video than any other type of ad. Hence, your ad should be a 6 second video. If you are concerned about the time (and budget) required to create a series of 6 second videos, consider using one of the many free or close-to-free online services that turn your static content into videos. Some highly rated video creation platforms are Lumen5 or Adobe Spark.

The format of your video ad has a huge impact on the number of views your video will receive. Square videos (as opposed to landscape) take up more space on a mobile device so are more likely to be viewed. Thus, to maximize views, your ad should be a 6 second square video.

Square vs. Landscape Video – $1.5K Worth of Experiments: Here’s How They Compare


This post courtesy of Account Manager, Nancy Pederson

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